Alumni Affairs Sub Committee Preparation of Global Data Base in two distinct Categories- Members & Participants (Even such Graduates of HBTI who have not sought Membership of the Ass..n shall to be included in the Global Data Base. Hr. Munish Jain Hr. S.K. Awasthi Hr. P.K. Kamani One Member from Each Chapter Location Networking among the Wider HBTI Fraternity Time and Resource sharing. Training and Placement of the current set of Students. Career progression, advancement, of HBTI Alumni by resource sharing. Interaction among the Alumni for Mutual Benefit (By prior consent). Social and Community Service. Member Certificates/ Cards to be Issued. Organization of different Programs in co- ordination with the Kanpur Chapter. Alumni issues related to the H.B.T.I. Administration etc. Formulation of New Plans for the advancement of association as also for the benefit of Institution.
For smooth and dedicated functioning of this sub committee- following tools are essential : Strong interactive and Dynamic Website for collection of Data online with facilities for Data Compilation and Collection of Alumni Contribution. Seeking support from Alumni- Facultywise, Yearwise and locationwise. If need be, co-ordinators may be nomina- -ted for this job at the discretion of Committee Members. © Strong relationship and ties with the Training and Placement Office at HBTI to derive maximum mileage. Data Warehousing. Addressing individual issues related to the Alumni.
Resources Generation and Resource Creation Sub Committee Strengthening of the Resource Centre at HBTI Kanpur. Extension of facilities offered, complimenting the existing facilities with Spiral Binding, Lamination, Colour Copy, Internet Services. Any other service which the Executive feels would be helpful to the HBTI Students, Staff. To supplement in Research Activities of the Institution. New Projects which we obtain through CSR from different P.S.U.'s. to be implemented by the efforts of this Sub Committee. Hr Ashutosh Karnatak Hr Rajiv Sikka Hr Balram Upadhyaya Hr PKS Rajput Hr Arvind Garg The Current set of Students at H.B.T.I. will graduate with a natural bonding with Alumni Association. Tangible efforts of the Alumni Ass.n will be observed by the HBTI family, i.e. the Admin., Faculty, Staff and Students.
Fund Raising Sub Committee (Resource Generation) To discuss and formulate plans for increasing the Revenue of the Association because all the plans will need Money and we need to do this job w/o co-ersion. Since this Committee is likely to be formed by all Senior Members, deployment of Resources shall also be finalized by the Resource Generation Sub Committee. Hr Munish Jain Hr RK Jalan Hr KG Agarwal Hr Manoj Kr Gupta Hr. J.P. SoniFunds to be deployed for enhancing activities of the Central Body. To expedite growth in the number of Members of the association. To increase interaction with large size organizations where multiple Alumni are likely to be present. To create a cushion for Centenary celebrations.
Publication Sub- Committee It is a well known fact that our efforts to enhance activities of the association shall bear fruit only if we share the accomplishments of HBTI family on a regular basis. To achieve this objective the following initiatives may be worth adoption : Publication of a Quarterly Newsletter (The Ist Issue was published in Jan/ Feb 2015). To begin with a printed version and converted to e-Letter. Publication of a HBTI Diary/ Directory for Year 2016. Publication of the Souvenir on the occasion of Alumni Meet in Nov 2015. Hr. Sushil Chandra Hr. R.K. Agarwal Hr RVS Chauhan Hr. J.S. Saluja Hr. C.P. Verma Hr. Rohit RajpootNetworking among the HBTI Family. Sharing of Success stories for mutual benefit. Publication of achievements of the spouse and children of Alumni shall go a long way in encouragement and shall also fortify their bonding with Institute and Association. Resource (Corpus) generation.
ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS AND LEGAL ISSUES SUB COMMITTEE To represent the View point of the association to the BOG/ Ministry of Tech. Education, U.P., LKO in upgradation of the Instt. To a Res. University. Scrutinizing the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Understanding of the Alumni Association- HBTI KNP. Making necessary changes. Furthering the reach of Association by formation of Chapters in various geographical locations. Defining the relationship between the Central body and different Chapters. Assignment of roles and responsibilities of Central Body & Chapters. Issue of Certificates to Newly formed chapters and the Membership certificates/ Identity Cards to the Members of such Chapters who have also become members of the Central Body. To look into the deployment of Interest Income generated from Corpus Fund of the association. (The present status is that the Fund is deposited with HBTI in the shape of a term deposit and the Interest is accumulated there-in). The Exec.has been of the opinion that the corpus shall be preserved while Interest shall be deployed for activities within the Institution. To scrutinize the legal responsibilities of the association & advise the Sectt. To act accordingly. To formulate strategies for enhancement of the activities of the Central Body besides collection of Data. Interaction with the Institute Administration for Alumni Affairs incl. appointment of Dean (Alumni Affairs). Director HBTI President- Alumni Association Hr. R.K. Jalan Hr. Harendra Agarwal Hr. R.P. Singh Hr. S.P. Dehar Dr Onkar Singh Dr Vinay Pathak The functioning of the Sectt. Shall be streamlined. Errors & Omissions will be minimized. The extent of use of Social Media for Alumni affairs shall be determined and administered by the Admin. affairs Sub Committee. A framework will be in place for the handling of administrative, legal and jurisdictional issues. Disputes if any (Let us hope there are no disputes at all) will be handled by this Sub Committee.
WEB SITE AND DATA UPDATION SUB COMMITTEE Preparation of a strong, Interactive and Dynamic Web Site for a great Data Base. (Our ultimate aim should be to have a complete List of students of the Institution). To explore the possibility of Digitizing the Data Base of Students of the Institution available with the Administrative Office. To develop a desk top version of the Data Input Program to collect all available data at one place and it's linkage with the Web Site. To launch an android version of the Alumni Data Form where the URL shall be send to the Members for submission of their details in the desired form. To integrate all data available with different Social group's FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whattsapp etc. Hr. K.K. Tripathi Hr. Vijay Mishra Hr. S.K. Awasthi Hr. R.P. Singh Hr. J.S.P. Rai Hr. Onkar Singh Hr. Raghuraj Singh Hr. H.M. Kansal Hr. Shwetanshu Mishra Versatile tool for Alumni Networking. Linkage with Payment Gateway to enable eligible donors pay their resp. contribution for Alumni affairs and/ or Centenary Celebrations in 2021. To obtain data of H.B.T.I. students residing in various countries. B to B services through the Website may go a long way in obtaining help for the Training and Placement Deptt. of the Institute. Resource generation by Advertising on the Web site of Harcourtians.
Alumni Convention Committee- 2015 Sub Committee Dedicated to Alumni Program 2015 FOR 1991, 1981, 1976, 1971, 1966 & BEYOND Director HBTI Kanpur Hr. Balram Upadhyay Hr. Vinay Pathak For overall co-ordination and success of Alumni Convention NOV 2015.
Besides this several other important assignments may be conceived for adoption by the Alumni Association HBTI Kanpur which may either be assigned to any of the above Sub Committee's or few more Sub Committee's may be formed. List is as under :-
SOCIETY OUTREACH SPORTS AND CULTURAL PROGRAM'S ON LINE PORTAL - CONDUCTION OF EXAMINATIONS Continuous Career Counselling/ Evaluation of the Current Set of Students. Industry- Academy Relationship, Research Initiative Testing & Calibration Activities. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development. Director HBTI President & Secy. Alumni Ass..n HBTI Kanpur Dean (Alumni Affairs) HBTI Knp Dr V.K. Tyagi Hr. Sanjay Garg Dr V.D. Kaushik Dr Gaurav Bartarya
Any other Volunteers from the H.B.T.I. fraternity who are willing to contribute to various sub- committee's are also welcome and they may contact the President, Alumni Association, H.B.T.I. Kanpur and the Sectt., Room No. 1-161, HBTI Kanpur.
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